WARNING : this blog may be about YOU and your stupidity on Facebook

My first Facerant (rant about stupid people on Facebook) of many – if any of these describe you, I’m not sorry at all that I made fun of you…so here goes:

I see quite a few people post consistently about how other people suck. All about different situations, but all surrounding the same theme…other people sucking at life.
Let me interpret your uber amounts of statuses about other people sucking : sorry sweetie, but if that many people in your life are sucking, it’s probably because…….(drumroll please)……..YOU SUCK!

I mean, c’mon, seriously think about this. Constantly picking at your so-called friends everyday about how much they suck could mean quite a few things:
#1 – you like attention and want people to feel bad for you, therefore you post something that gets people to respond back. Kind of like those people that write on Facebook that they’re going to kill themselves. No they’re not, or they would’ve done it already without posting it. Same goes for you, Bitchy McGee. If they suck that much, Facebook isn’t a place to say it unless you’re trying to get their attention and start a fight. Which brings me to:
#2 – you’re trying to start a fight…on Facebook…hmmmmmm. Too afraid to stand up to them in person to tell them they suck? Yup, again, you kinda suck harder than they do.
So, in my final Jerry Springer or Danny Tanner life lesson speech…


QUIT TELLING FACEBOOK YOU SUCK AT LIFE! It’s much better to do it in person. Look in the mirror, it’s a lot easier and less embarrassing.

That is all…



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